Semi Automatic Capsule Loader Machine (CLM)

Capsule Loader is used to loading the empty capsules in the loading tray of capsule filling machine. Capsule Loader is mostly used with manual capsule filling machines.

Capsule Loader equipment is mostly used by pharmaceutical, Herbal, Ayurvedic, Yunani products manufacturing companies.

Semi Automatic Capsule Orienter or Capsule Loading Machine is simple to operate it save time and labour.

Salient Features of Semi Automatic Capsule Loader Machine (CLM)

  • SIMPLE TO USE : Capsule Loader Machine can be handled by a semi-skilled person.
  • COST EFFICIENCY : Low investment and high output to enhance production line output.
  • Suitable to fill all size of capsules.
  • CLM with CFM M/C
    Output : 90 trays / hour line output
  • CLM with 1 CFM M/C
    Up to 9,000 capsules / hr with 2 operators
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