Semi Automatic Capsule Loader (CLM)

Semi Automatic Capsule Loader (CLM) Features:

* To enhance production line output

* CLM with CFM M/C

Output : 90 trays / hour line output

* CLM with 1 CFM M/C

Up to 9,000 capsules / hr with 2 operators

* CLM with 2 CFM M/C

Up to 18,000 capsules / hr with 3 operators

* CLM with 3 CFM M/C

Up to 27,000 capsules / hr with 4 operators

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Semi-Automatic Capsule Loader Machine (CLM) is utilized in mixture with manual capsule filling machine. With this mixture, the empty capsules are loaded in the loading tray of manual capsule filling equipment get nested thru the mag into the loading tray routinely orienting the cap up and frame down. Capsule Loader equipment has been best for medium scale pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Herbal products manufacturing companies. The machine is easy to perform it reduces time and labor. The automated capsule loading machine is compact occupies minimal space; it offers better manufacturing with tons higher standard of accuracy.


  • Low investment excessive output tremendous distinction for your manufacturing branch
  • Simple to operate may be dealt with with the aid of using semi professional person.
  • Suitable to fill all preferred sized capsules with suitable length change parts.
  • Easily detachable parts.
  • Automatically forestall procedure after loading is done.