Paste Kettle (Starch Paste Kettle)

Starch Paste Kettle (Paste Kettle) is used for the preparation of binder materials. The Starch Paste Kettle and is constructed as a hemispherical kettle with a jacket mounted on a trunnion that is supported with the help of a shaft. The Paste Kettle is provided with an anchor-type beater for mixing the binder material and the paste with multiple speed options. Tilting Paste Kettle is mainly used in Ointment, Cream, and Paste Manufacturing Industries.

Features of Starch Paste Kettle:

  • Compact GMP Model
  • All contact parts made of SS-316/SS-304 (As per requirement)
  • The starch paste kettle is specially designed for the preparation of binder material.
  • The machine is a hemispherical kettle with a jacket mounted on trunnion supports with the help of a shaft.
  • The kettle has a small cylindrical top shell with a spout for pouring out binder mass.
  • The kettle is provided with an Anchor type beater for paste mixing with a dual-speed option.
  • The jacket is provided with steam accessories i.e pressure gauge. Safety valve and vent cock.
  • The Kettle is also provided with a lever with a hand wheel to accomplish titling manually
  • The kettle is provided with a 16 swg thick SS 304 losses lid.
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Designing of Paste Kettle:

Paste Kettle uses for the preparation of starch-based paste. A hemispherical shape container ensures that the heating of the starch paste is uniform and covers more surface area. The tilting type arrangement ensures ease in unloading the paste in another container or vessel. The starch is put in the kettle and water is added to it till desired thickness of paste is achieved. The kettle is jacketed and is heated till the starch melts and a thick paste is achieved. This paste can be agitated either manually or with the help of an anchor type agitator which will constantly agitate the paste so that there will be no lumps formation. Temperature can be set to the desired degree by adjusting the thermostat provided and the temperature can be seen in the dial thermometer provided. The jacket can be designed for different working temperature requirements.